"Just a note to say I am becoming a good cook because of P2P! I have made your recipe of the week each week and every one of them has been a hit!"
- L. Hall

Thank you for your wonderful and delicious products. We look forward to our delivery each week!
- R. Hartsfeld and A. Feagles

I now LOVE beets, after an early childhood scarring with the canned kind.
- G. Ridge

Just wanted to let you know we LOVED the penne and squash recipe this week. Absolutely yummy!!! YUM! Having a recipe included in the delivery each week is one of our favorite features.
- J. Smith

Our delivery schedule:

Tuesday – Santa Barbara

Wednesday – Santa Barbara, Goleta, Summerland, Carpinteria, Montecito, Ojai

Thursday – Santa Barbara, Goleta

Friday – Santa Barbara

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Meet The P2P Team

Pam Plesons

Pam Plesons’s passion for local organic food began with her children. As she says, “My children are my healthy heroes”. Although she has always been an advocate for eating well, in 2000, the true importance of a balanced healthy diet and rigorous exercise hit home and became a life altering reality. Pam’s son, then 4 years old, was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. Immediate hospitalization and training in blood glucose management and insulin injections lead the way to a serious family shift. At that time, Niko, her son, like many other 4 year old children, was a fan of “white” foods: milk, pasta, cheese, potatoes, bananas, and white bread and more milk, pasta, cheese, potatoes, bananas, and white bread.

Type I Diabetes, unlike Type II, can only be managed with multiple blood glucose tests a day (6-8) and up to 3-4 insulin injections a day. Many believe that it is caused by an auto-immune response that eventually destroys all the insulin producing cells of the pancreas. Niko, her son, could not comprehend the sudden change in his life and his sister, Marina, was convinced that she was next. The family adopted a diet of fresh, whole foods with “treats” in moderation.

Niko is currently as healthy as any other young adult and their family is proof that kids of any age can learn to love vegetables and fruits. In elementary school, when asked if he wanted pizza on “Dominos Friday”, Niko responded, “No thanks. That’s not very healthy. Can you pack me some fruit?” When Pam told him she also had some sugar snap peas to put in his lunch, his response was, “Cool!”.  Marina, his sister, would choose a pint of blueberries or sliced sweet orange and yellow bell peppers for snacks over chips. Local, organic eating is good for us all. For any parent who continues to say, “I could never get my kids to eat that stuff.” Pam will be sure to show them otherwise!

Mighty Manager 
Mario Stepanovsky

Perfect Packing and Assembly
Halle Moore

Delivery People Extroidonaire
Mario Stepanovsky

Bookkeeper and "The Rock"
isa McCann


Our Heroes from Harvest Santa Barbara, Alcantar Organics, Ellwood Canyon Farm and other local organic growers and distributors

What Our P2P Team and You Accomplish Together

Plow to Porch introduces you to new varieties of local organic/pesticide free produce and foods. Products are seasonally grown, letting nature tell us what our bodies require. You will receive the best local organic/pesticide free produce and foods at the best price without having to leave your home.

You, in turn, help support biodiversity, clean air and a sense of social responsibility and stewardship of the land. You will know your farmers. By participating in Plow to Porch you are supporting your community and contributing to healthy living for both your family and our planet.

  • You receive a reliable source of fresh and fully nutritional food items, grown or produced chemically and genetically modified free.
  • We deliver most produce within 24 hours of harvest, assuring your food will be nutritious and delicious. All other "add-ons" are delivered fresh as well.

The average food item in supermarkets has traveled 1500 miles since harvest. Even local produce may be shipped to central warehouse facilities before it arrives in your grocery store. More information accumulates daily linking health to diet and the quality and freshness of the food we eat.

“If every U.S. citizen ate just one meal a week comprised of locally and organically raised meats and produce we would reduce our country’s fuel consumption by 1.1 million barrels of oil every week (not gallons, but barrels!)”

- Steven Hopp, Oily Food